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Cash Neutral Market Research to Help Transform Your Business

When launching new products and opening up new markets finding out the customers who want to buy, why they want to buy, and how to attract them is a critical element of business success. Insightful market research is the key to this, but for companies with tight budgets and limited cash, funding such work can be a real problem.

Qi3 has developed an approach for organisations with innovative technologies that can solve this conundrum for you. There are a range of organisations such as Innovate UK, Research Councils, Catapults, etc that have money available to partially fund market research projects. When working with its clients to apply for this funding, Qi3 has developed a project structure which uses contributions in kind to address the funding gap.
As a result, our clients gain three major benefits:

  • Understanding of key market / customer dynamics and strategy options that will support fund raising, product development and sales growth
  • Involvement of client staff to increase their market knowledge and skills
  • Project funding that doesn’t require additional company cash

We will help you prepare application which has the best chance of success. Whilst we obviously can’t guarantee that you will receive funding, we do accept the risk, by working for you free of charge in the development of the proposal.  In return, we expect to be granted the work if successful.  This is a simple, safe option where you can access valuable support and expertise without impacting your budget.

Qi3 is a technology market research & strategy company that has extensive experience of identifying market needs, interest in innovative ideas, and their commercial exploitation, having undertaken more than 200 of these types of projects. Case studies can be found at http://www.qi3.co.uk/clients/case-studies.

We have a team of technical sales and marketing experts with experience in all of the key disciplines needed to support your business. We work as part of your team to maximise impact and leave the business stronger.

The next round of TSB Smart Awards closes on the 29 January 2015. If you would like to discuss your marketing needs and how this scheme can help you to address them in a cash neutral way, then please contact Robin Higgons on robin.higgons@qi3.co.uk or by phone on 01223 422404.

Further information on this funding scheme can be found at:

Innovate UK – https://interact.innovateuk.org/

Information about other funding schemes available here:

EPSRC – http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/funding/calls/
NERC – http://www.nerc.ac.uk/funding/available/

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