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SELEX Communications, a Finmeccanica company, is a global supplier of advanced communication, navigation and identification solutions to protect communities and critical national infrastructure. The company delivers advanced, secure, integrated and interoperable networked solutions for governmental, civil and military applications.

The company had developed the Intelligent Information Dissemination product (I2D) to manage information flows around communications networks, maximising their efficiency and saving costs. The product had been in service in the Royal Navy project for four years, but failed to gain wider adoption.

As defence budgets declined, Finmeccanica and its subsidiary companies sought replacement business by developing new military and civil markets and applications for their products and capabilities. The I2D product was identified as a good candidate for rapidly increasing sales.

Qi3 was assigned to develop a marketing programme that would deliver rapid growth and meet sales targets for the product. The final report:

  • Identified markets with strong needs and traction (civil and military)
  • Identified early adopters and immediate sales prospects
  • Clarified the required product specification to market requirements
  • Clarified the value and sales proposition of I2D to these markets
  • Defined competitive landscape and the strength / position of I2D in this landscape
  • Identified most effective business models (short and long-term) to maximise growth and value
  • Identified the marketing communications actions and material necessary to support the sales programme
  • Proposed a Sales Action Plan to achieve targets

During the project, Qi3 worked closely with SELEX Communications, making sure that all knowledge gained during the project was fully embedded. Qi3 continues to meet with SELEX to discuss preparations for future implementation.

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