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Queen’s University Belfast (QUB)

The project summary / client description
The Electronic and Communications department of the Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) developed a low cost commercially viable Carbon-based Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS) for Electromagnetic (EM) Shielding.

The University wanted to commercialise the technology into the marketplace. Through Qi3’s work we helped identify potential opportunities for the EM Shielding technology.

Project objectives / challenge
The research institute’s technological challenge was to reduce the costs associated with large scale FSS implementation to a fraction of the current costs in the market. At the same time the research institute planned to develop a technology that had clear technological benefits over current alternative technologies in key high growth market segments and applications.

As part of the commercialisation strategy the research institute wanted to assess the market opportunity for its technology. In particular, the institute wanted to address the following:

  • Overall market opportunity for the technology
  • Identify key market segments, examining application and technology fit, price sensitivity, and willingness of the sector to take up the technology.
  • Identify early prospects that can be approached as part of the early sales process
  • Establish how the technology could be positioned in the key market segments

Qi3 proposed to address the market opportunity assessment through its proven Technology Market Evaluation (TME) approach. In this approach Qi3 initially investigated a short list of promising market segments for the FSS technology. During the initial investigation we engaged with potential prospects in the marketplace to establish at a high level what the needs were of each segment and relevancy of the technology. This was combined with Qi3’s own understanding of the market through past projects and market expertise. We then further investigated the most interesting markets by further engaging with potential prospects identified through Qi3’s extensive prospect database. The overall findings were then analysed utilising Qi3’s proprietary commercialisation models. Finally a set of actionable recommendations where made to the client that were achievable based on client’s current status.

Outcome / End results
Through Qi3’s work we concluded there was clear evidence that a ‘credible’ FSS offering for EM Shielding would add value to the Building sector. In particular, Qi3 provided the following results to the client:

  • Identified 5 key potential prospects that could either license or buy the technology. All of these companies were key global tier 1 players representing the specific segment.
  • Helped position the EM shielding technology to these potential prospects
  • Identified the most appropriate routes to market to create maximum impact in the market.

The above project outcome was further backed up by a set of follow up actions that were developed with the client to close the opportunities identified.

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