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Phase Focus

Phase Focus, a recently created start-up has developed a proprietary process to generate high definition images of an object without the need for high quality lenses. The technique has the potential to transform a range of applications in optical, electron, and x-ray microscopy and imaging. While experts in their technology, Phase Focus required marketing and business development support, in order to identify applications with strong market traction, accurately quantify the needs and potential of these markets, and negotiate deals with a range of different OEM partners to create an active sales & distribution network.

Qi3 worked with Phase Focus for 2 years, acting as their Strategic Marketing and Business Development Managers. During this time, Qi3 produced a detailed landscape of the global optical, electron and x-ray microscopy markets, found potential research partners, developed the sales pipeline for the technology, supported the first sale of the microscopy technology, assisted in brokering agreements with major OEM partners and found other previously unexpected applications for Phase Focus to exploit.

The work undertaken by Qi3 also helped Phase Focus to raise several millions of pounds in additional venture capital funding. Qi3 helped recruit Phase Focus their first full time sales person, allowing the company to transfer all the necessary sales and marketing expertise in-house.

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