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Newcastle University

Qi3 has just completed a three year programme for Newcastle University to support the commercialisation of EXTREME technologies. This includes developing business and marketing strategies to identify opportunities to engage with industrial commercial partners.

Newcastle University has over many years developed unique expertise in wireless communications, sensors and devices for harsh environments. It has established a centre of research expertise in Extreme Environment Technology. The potential applications of EXTREME technologies cover a number of industries including aerospace, defence, environmental sensing, civil nuclear, oil & gas and marine.

Qi3 developed a marketing strategy for the School of Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering that grouped all of these technologies under the “EXTREME” brand. This branding along with a unique logo was instituted in all marketing communications.

A number of techniques were used to promote “EXTREME” technologies including a dedicated website, White Papers, creation of a DVD video, print advertising and technology showcase events held at Newcastle University. Strong use was made of industry networks in promotional activities; that is relevant organisations that can help communicate information about these harsh environment technologies.

The results of the above marketing campaign included a #1 position in terms of Google Internet search relating to EXTREME technologies and demand for downloaded White Papers from over 22 countries around the world. Both regional and national Press picked up stories on Newcastle Universities’ EXTREME technologies programme. The quality of companies attracted was very high. These included companies such as BP, BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, HP, Bosch, GE and many others. The above campaign enabled the university to engage in a number of new research and consulting projects based on EXTREME technologies, with a strong pipeline of industry prospects for future collaborations.

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