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MBDA is a major defence contractor with operations in France, Germany, Italy, UK and the USA. It was formed by the merger of divisions of EADS, Finmeccanica and BAE Systems in 2001 and is a world leader in missiles and missile systems working with over 90 armed forces globally. In 2011 the company employed 10,000 people and had revenues of 3 billion euros.

Given the company’s excellence in high performance, high reliability mission critical systems – MBDA decided to look at potential lateral markets not necessarily in the defence sector. These new markets would ideally be ones that made use of MBDA’s experience with demanding engineering and system requirements. MBDA selected Qi3 to assist them in defining potential opportunities for the company in other market sectors.

The first task for Qi3 was to work with MBDA divisions in France, Germany, Italy and the UK to understand the company’s core competencies and how they might be applied to the other industries. We then examined the value chains and supply chains in different markets to find the best business models and entry point for a company like MBDA. We also helped MBDA to understand nuances in different markets and which markets may be most appropriate for engagement. Our analysis included not only market size and growth potential but also the current competitive landscape and trends for the future.

Then, in close collaboration with MBDA, we down-selected a few potential market opportunities to enable us to evaluate them in more detail. At the same time, Qi3 introduced MBDA to key players in the certain market segments to test more directly the value MBDA could bring to these potential partners. Finally, we helped MBDA prepare a business case for review by senior executives at company. Throughout the whole process Qi3 acted as an integral part of the team working closely with MBDA engineers, staff and business development managers.

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