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Lockheed Martin UK

Lockheed Martin UK – Ampthill (LMUK Ampthill), part of Lockheed Martin Corporation, is a leader in systems integration, working on major programmes spanning the aerospace, defence and civil sectors (transport, government).  LMUK Ampthill is seeking adjacent European markets where its capabilities can be exploited.

LMUK Ampthill first engaged Qi3 to carry out a European Technology Market Evaluation (TME) for a technology initially transferred from the US and now part of a European research programme.  LMUK Ampthill needed to understand where there could be market traction for the technology and the characteristics of the market so as it could decide whether to invest in a full commercialisation programme. Due to its extensive experience in the sector, LMUK Ampthill selected Qi3 to undertake a thorough market assessment identifying the following:

  • Viable market segments
  • Potential growth rates
  • Key players and routes to market

Following on from this work, LMUK Ampthill asked Qi3 to assist them in developing a market strategy to address the European market.  Looking at the wider sector, LMUK Ampthill needed to understand where there were market entry opportunities, which LMUK Ampthill technologies and capabilities matched the market opportunities and the most effective strategy for capitalising on the market entry options.

The first task in this programme for Qi3 was to map the European market structure and opportunities.  Working with LMUK Ampthill, Qi3 mapped LMUK Ampthill’s technologies, competencies and capabilities relevant to the sector and matched potential segments of interest which were then investigated in greater detail.  Qi3 examined the value chains, key players and supply chains to identify the best business models and entry point for LMUK Ampthill.

Qi3’s analysis included: market size and growth potential, competitive landscape, trends for the future and importantly specific nuances relevant to that sector.

With a good understanding of the target market segments, Qi3 was able to develop a market entry strategy for LMUK Ampthill based on its research and initial market engagement with key players.

The output of the project was used by LMUK in its strategy presentations to Lockheed Martin.


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