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Elekta is a healthcare company specialising in the development of innovations and clinical solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders. The company is the world leader in image guided and stereotactic clinical solutions for radiosurgery and radiation therapy, giving radiation oncologists and neurosurgeons an unmatched capability to aggressively treat tumours and functional targets with ultra-high precision while sparing healthy tissue.

The company had an idea for a revolutionary new treatment for cancer radiotherapy, but had insufficient internal resource to drive the project forward.  Initial product development had begun, but the concept behind the technology needed to be tested in the market, before more significant resources could be allocated by the company’s board of directors.  With a tight market, Elekta had a protracted  recruitment for healthcare Product Managers, so Qi3 was approached with to provide interim product management services.

Qi3 was assigned to develop a product management programme that would identify the technical needs demanded by the market, estimate the potential number of unit sales over the 5 years post product launch, assess the likely impact on other business units and give guidance on suitable strategies to bring the product to market.  This project involved the production of a detailed questionnaire and interviews with senior oncologists and medical physicists across four continents, the development of a value proposition for the new product, an assessment of the positioning of Elekta’s current and future portfolio of products against their competitors’ products, the drafting of a Needs Investment Case and the construction of a detailed Revenue Model for presentation to the Board.

Throughout the project, Qi3 sought to integrate into the Elekta Product Management Team.

“We engaged Qi3 to fill a gap in our Product Management coverage on a multi-faceted and highly technical project. On researching their previous work, we became confident that their experience in other fields would map well to the task at hand. We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly they grasped our issues and helped us to map a course forward that could be handed over to an in-house Product Manager with ease. Robin Higgons and Mark Littlewood exhibited stellar professionalism and drove the project hard, even when we were unable to focus on it. They always had Elekta’s objectives in mind and delivered on every one of their commitments. I would be pleased to recommend Qi3 to you.”

– Tim Prosser, Director, Oncology Business Line Management at Elekta

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