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CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, has its headquarters in Geneva and is one of the world’s most prestigious research centres. The Technology Transfer group at CERN has a network of National Technology Transfer Officers in its member states.

CERN is particularly active in development in detectors, Information Technology, accelerators, cryogenics, superconductivity and vacuum technology. Within the scope of this appointment we have supported new spinout companies, licence agreements and collaborative research projects across a range of industry sectors.

In 2004, Qi3 led a DTI GlobalWatch mission to CERN in Distributed Applications, the first private company ever to organise such a mission, due to strong links with IT and Technology Transfer Departments at CERN. The objective of this mission was to investigate the technology leadership of CERN in Grids and deployment of distributed applications and resulted in a number of successful outcomes and partnerships.

“I would like to mention that my colleagues and I found the mission to CERN very useful. We look forward to developing a strategic relationship with CERN. Also it was a great pleasure to meet all the mission delegates.” Harry Makatsoris, Orion Logic.

In 2006 Qi3 was appointed a three year contract to act as the UK representative for CERN. During this time Qi3 facilitated many new collaborative partnerships, Technology Marketing Evaluations, seminars and networking events. In addition to workshops, meetings and reports that led to the identification of many more potential collaborators.

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