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Casella Monitoring – Understanding How to Crack the US Construction Market

Casella Measurement is dedicated to reducing occupational health and environmental impact risks through effective monitoring solutions. The company recently launched BOUNDARY Guardian, a web-based remote perimeter monitoring system for noise and/or dust emissions from construction, demolition or process sites. The system was first launched in the UK and was well received by the market. Interest also started to grow rapidly in other European and Middle East markets.

However, Casella did not see the same level of interest when it first launched the product in the USA and this raised a number of questions over market drivers, competition, and the suitability of the system for US requirements. Casella needed to create successful market traction and growth in the USA, so it engaged Qi3 to help it unravel the market dynamics and create an effective market entry strategy.

The US perimeter monitoring market is complex, with multiple layers (national, state, local) and multiple stakeholders (regulatory, construction, site owners). Qi3 started by unravelling the relationships between these different market layers and between different stakeholders. Then, by telephone interviewing key market players across the US, it identified the common market drivers and those specific to individual stakeholder groups. This enabled a clear picture to be built on where, how, and why the market is developing and to map timescales for different stages of market development.

The next step was to understand Boundary Guardian’s ‘value proposition’ to the market. Core elements of the value proposition, common to all stakeholders were identified, as were subsets specific to different stakeholder groups. This knowledge then enabled Qi3 to build a market model which gave a clear picture of market size, growth, product adoption rates, and competitive pressures.

Using this clarity of understanding of the market dynamics and drivers, Qi3 and Casella worked closely together to develop a US market entry strategy that targeted segments with the strongest market traction. The strategy included product specification, market segmentation, pricing, routes to market, go-to-market, and marketing communications.

The findings mapped well to Casella’s market experience in other regions of the world, enabling the company to develop a global market strategy that can be tailored to local conditions .It also enabled Casella to evaluate new business models that could drive faster revenue and profit growth.

Throughout the project, Qi3 worked closely with the Casella Measurement management team. As Neal Hill, Product Line Manager at Casella said: “Robin and his team certainly provided the kind of customer insight that turned opinion into fact allowing us to make databased decisions”.

“Qi3’s rigorous research methodologies and market insights rapidly enabled us to understand the specific challenges of taking Boundary Guardian into the US market. Their ability to uncover key market drivers and identify where the strongest market traction is has enabled us to build a focused market entry strategy that will help us achieve strong sales growth, and over time market leadership in the USA. We believe that bringing in an external organisation with such clarity of thinking has significantly increased our market and competitive strength.”

— Neal Hill, Product Line Manager Casella Measurement

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