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Investment criteria

Selection criteria

We operate a staged methodology, which matches our efforts in the evaluation process with the level of detail that we request from you. We shall explain our needs at every stage and do our best to give you honest and straightforward feedback whether or not we are able to invest in your business. Key selection criteria are:

Team – can we work together, can Qi3 add sufficient value?

Market – do we believe in the market size & growth rate?

And does it meet our criteria for time to results?

Advantage – can the product/service beat the competition?

Intellectual Property – are there suitable defences against competitors?

Business Model – can we agree and deliver a route to market?

Before you approach us, you may wish to read entries in Qi3 Accelerator Insight.  This journal includes several helpful hints on the information that helps us to evaluate your proposition.

Investment criteria

The technology / product has to be at a satisfactory level of readiness

We have to believe that we can add sufficient value to meet your revenue criteria and our financial criteria within 12-18 months

We require exclusivity as your business development partners

There must be no violation of our ethical code

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