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Driving value in your business

People often ask me for a simple recipe for success.  The complexity of business is overvalued and marketers often deploy complicated solutions in response.  So how could I boil down the discipline of product marketing into a concise and near universal form?

Some years ago, I was studying several models for buyer behaviour and trying to get to the bottom of marketing as ‘helping buyers to buy’ rather than helping ‘sellers to sell’.  The result was a set of buyer ‘Value Drivers’ that we incorporate in Qi3’s product marketing methodology.  We have deployed this technique with repeated success through the core business of Qi3.

I was recently pleased to read these Qi3 Value Drivers posed in a different way in a book entitled Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, so I thought I’d share it.

  • What jobs do our clients need to get done, and how can we help? (Problem Solution)
  • What are our clients’ competitive goals and how can we help to achieve them? (Competitive Advantage)
  • How can we fit into our clients’ way of thinking? (System Compatibility)
  • What relationship do our clients want with us? (Supplier Relationship)
  • For what values are clients truly willing to pay? (Economic Value)

If you can get the answers to these five questions right for your customers, your chances of success will be significantly greater.  It really is that simple.  Now try it.

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