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The success of the Bootcamp was a milestone for Qi3 Accelerator and showed that Qi3 Accelerator can do a lot more to bring talents together and help start-up businesses. As a result, after holding meetings with a number of close associates, we’ve decided to step up and provide seed equity financing of up to £400, 000 for Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)-eligible businesses. Individual companies may apply for investment up to £150,000 through this call for proposals. We believe that this is a great opportunity for us to give some hands-on support for suitable businesses and to help businesses develop into profitable ventures.

The initial evaluation process is simple – The Syndicate would like to have a summary of up to four pages – including references – with the following headings: Summary, Management Team, Market Overview, Products and Services, Business & Revenue Model, Growth Strategy, Competition, Intellectual Property, Support required from Qi3 Accelerator, Exit Timetable, Financials and Funding Requirement (present and anticipated future), Existing investment, Ownership Structure and Contact Details. More information can be found on our website. Our areas of interest are technology-based manufacturing, engineering businesses, supply sectors such as cleantech, healthcare/ life sciences, aerospace, space and engineering industry and security. Whilst The Qi3 Accelerator Syndicate encourages seed stage companies in other areas to apply, it will not consider biotech, FMCG and e-businesses.

As a very broad indication, The Qi3 Accelerator Syndicate typically expects to offer investment of around £50,000 – £150,000 for 15-30% of company equity. So it is vital that applicants make the investment proposition clear in the initial application (how much money you are seeking, how you feel we can help you beyond cash and how much equity you are offering in return for this cash and support).

Initial applications will be considered within a few days of submission. We look forward to hearing from you.

For further information, please visit our website or contact Nathan Hill.

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