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Time for some quick due diligence?

There are so many investment prospects where I’m looking for some quick, independent feedback on whether the proposition makes sense in the wider market. Qi3 has recently introduced an Ask the Experts service to support investors undertaking due diligence, and entrepreneurs who seek to provide such independent evidence as part of their due diligence information.

The key when formulating this offering was just how amazingly interconnected Qi3 is with organisations and individuals in the innovation landscape.  The company has a huge range of access points to experts in a variety of domains.  So we’ve developed a strong but simple methodology to deliver this insight rapidly and at moderate cost.

Qi3 asked around and discovered that people would like to hear about 4-6 expert opinions accompanied with records of related conversations. They also like to understand the perspective of Qi3 in assimilating and consolidating the information. The desired time frame for such a service should be approximately 2 weeks. Obviously, the purpose is to provide an affordable service in this difficult climate, and a budgetary cost of £3,000-5,000 sounds good to most people I’ve asked.  Whichever side of a transaction you’re on, see how it can help you.

For further information, please visit our website or contact Nathan Hill

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