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Five principles of career happiness

People always ask me why I’m so relentlessly active and enthusiastic about my work. In all of my businesses, it actually comes down to some simple principles:

1) Do great stuff

Some people think that technology business is pure rationality and number crunching. I disagree. My industrial career has taught me that customers don’t just buy a product, they also invest trust in the salesperson and engineers as the embodiment of their company’s values. They purchase a product alongside building relationships with their suppliers to get the best product and service long term. After all, even in business to business (B2B), we are transacting with one another as human beings. Doing great work for customers results in repeated business and referrals, so I always seek a five star review. On top of that, happy customers are a great source of personal satisfaction and motivation.

2) Have fun at work

Life is too short. Work is about doing stuff that you are interested in and passionate about. My whole career has been about finding great technologies, working out how they should be marketed and then selling the hell out of them.  I love finding that ‘bite point’ where great technology finds a ‘must have’ market proposition.  I’ve always been keen on the integration of real engineering technology and business, creating products and services that benefit customers tangibly. That’s the reason I started Qi3 and Qi3 Accelerator – to help businesses discover new ways of doing things and co-create something new and exciting.

3) Build a good team

A successful business is built from skilled, experienced and enthusiastic people who derive pleasure from working in teams and have respect for the variety of skills and personalities required to build a business. This allows us to react faster to market needs and to understand the people dynamics.  Being keen on teams has helped me to coach companies better too.

4) Make a living

Honest business is good business. We provide access to hands-on skills and expertise at an affordable price, allowing businesses to rapidly see the real impact of our input and effort. Over the years, Qi3 has established a great reputation as a result.  But don’t be scared of making a reasonable profit – it’s the return on your investment and there to reinvest in the future.

5) Go home and enjoy

From all the things I’ve said above, you might think that I only care about work. And some of you have 4am emails from me to seemingly prove it.  But that infamous work-life balance is equally important. I enjoy many evenings at the theatre, or dining with friends and family. I’m also well known for my partiality to a glass of decent wine! After all, it’s only reasonable to enjoy the benefits of all that hard work and share my leisure time with my family and friends, who nurture me in so many other ways.

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