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Early Stage Team of the Year

I am pleased to let you know that Qi3 Accelerator has won the ‘Early Stage Team of the Year’. Additionally, our most recent investment – LumeJet won the ‘Best Syndicated Deal of the Year’ award.

Yesterday I was invited to deliver a talk at the British Business Angel’s Association (now renamed UK Business Angel’s Association) annual conference. This was on my perspective on the new national Angel CoFund, from which Qi3 Accelerator obtained the first investment last December for Phase Vision.

This was followed by the annual dinner at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, which Tim, Paul and I attended as guests of London Business Angels, Midven and Capital for Enterprise. We were nominated for 2 awards, of which we miraculously won both:

  • Qi3 Accelerator won the ‘Early Stage Team of the Year 2012’ against competition from major organisations such as Octopus, Midven and FSE group. This was in recognition of our novel business model, our staged evaluation process, the scale of the deals we’ve led, and the extent to which we support the companies in which we invest.
  • LumeJet (which has just closed a £1.88m round with substantial support from Qi3 Accelerator, and of which Paul Anson is now CEO) won the ‘Best Syndicated Deal of the Year 2012’ against a strong range of other syndicated deals. Rajat Mulhotra and Richard Cameron of Wren Capital in particular led a huge amount of the work on this deal and corner stone the round.

Success will ultimately come from the performance of the companies in which we invest, as Tim said in his acceptance speech on our behalf “we’d rather be known for our exits than our entrances”.

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