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Connecting Cultures

‘You’re more than a networker, you’re a connector’ was the praise bestowed upon me this week by a business associate.

I initially wasn’t sure whether to take this as a compliment or an insult, as I hadn’t understood the difference between the two.  So when I returned to my desk I looked it up.

Networkers are ‘me’ focused, making connections as a means to an end. Connectors are ‘you’ focused, insatiable resource investigators who just love making connections between people because of an innate desire to help others.  The outcomes may be the same, but the personal motivation is different, and clearly evident to others.

Some of my best moments over the past 12 years at Qi3 have been the realisation that astronomers could contribute significantly to the computer games industry or that techniques for manufacturing telescope mirrors could be applied to orthopaedics. My many years of association with CERN were dominated by a hunger to find the next world wide web or high energy cancer diagnostic or therapeutic modality.

Whilst I wouldn’t describe my every move as altruistic, I am driven by my enthusiasm for business, and especially for making seemingly weird connections between the worlds of physics / engineering and industry.  I bridle at suggestions that words like ‘passion’, ‘enthusiasm’ and ‘fun’ aren’t grown-up business terms.  If growing up means that I have to be dead-pan, I’d rather stay young!

Can you discover your enthusiasm for helping others around you, and feel the karma flow?

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