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Bootcamp heats up debate on British manufacturing

The Qi3 Accelerator HVM Bootcamp is heating up.  Quite a few people are asking us what constitutes ‘manufacturing’ in our context.

I’m not going to give a pat definition here, but suffice it to say that we’re looking for companies outside of the ‘wet biotech’ and ‘pure internet’ spaces, where engineering disciplines bring together core physics, engineering, biology or chemistry into an engineered product based up0n electronics, software, sensing, instrumentation and services.  Pure software is fine if it relates to engineering.

And what’s the ‘High Value’ in High Value Manufacturing?  I see it as:

  • High value added, through a high knowledge content and the deployment of skilled labour
  • Broad in lifecycle, through the recognition that ‘cradle to cradle’ lifecycle creates opportunities in the value chain not just the manufacturing process
  • Comprehensive in scope; considering societal and environmental benefits, not just the tangible product

Try us – to get 3 days of intensive support for your business acceleration, apply by 30th May.

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