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Qi3 Insight report ‘Intriguing Instrumentation’

Qi3 Insight report ‘Intriguing Instrumentation’ provides the inside track on how Instrumentation industry has managed its way through the recession, outperforming the manufacturing sector as a whole.

‘Intriguing Instrumentation’ provides Qi3’s recent analysis of 15 of the larger UK quoted instrumentation companies.  This demonstrates that they have shown outperformance in sales, profits and share prices when compared with manufacturing as a whole. The combined sales of these companies in 2010 was £5.6bn, with £250m (5%) being invested in R&D. After deleveraging their balance sheets, the companies analysed have combined cash reserves of over £800m which they are now using to fund acquisitions and further develop their global presence.

These businesses have followed a three stage process of retrenchment, organic growth and now a return to diversification. This perspective, and our conclusions on the next steps for the industry, provides insights for sensing & instrumentation companies and for the broader engineering sector.

Qi3 has extensive knowledge of the user markets for instrumentation, companies in the field and the sensing, electronics, optics, materials and software technologies that underpin this complex sector. We work with large corporations, smaller enterprises, Universities and Research Institutes across Europe to support marketing strategy, technology and innovation strategy, technology commercialisation, acquisition and disposal, strategic alliance and business development in high value manufacturing, engineering and instrumentation amongst other industries.

A summary of the paper is available here.

To see a full copy of the paper please click here.

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