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Benchmarking Survey – “Marketing Needs for Technology Companies”

This benchmarking study was carried by Qi3 to understand how companies see the role of marketing in this difficult economic climate.

Supported by the East of England Development Agency (EEDA), the study is based around the results of a nationwide survey into how companies see the role of marketing and its function in increasing performance during the economic recovery.

Extensive research has shown that companies who invest in marketing grow significantly faster, especially in difficult times. For established companies, implementing marketing initiatives during a recession should gain market share and accelerate growth during the subsequent recovery. Similarly, start-up companies who invest early in marketing increase their chances of survival, their ability to attract further investment and the value of the company.

While this theory is well established, the challenge of selecting the right combination of practical marketing activities to meet an individual company’s needs can be confusing. This survey aims to generate a landscape of how companies are marketing their businesses and their views on the future.   By benchmarking themselves against their peers it will also allow companies to identify gaps in their marketing knowledge and expertise.

To see a copy of the full report please click here.

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