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Be Curious on Space Opportunities






By Robin Higgons

Last week, I was invited to give a presentation on opportunities in the space sector at the University of Surrey Innovation and Collaboration Showcase. The showcase highlighted the success of the University’s EPSRC funded Knowledge Transfer Account (KTA), and attracted over 100 people from a wide range of backgrounds. It focused on the KTA capabilities and collaboration opportunities for businesses.

Space is currently a topical subject with the Curiosity Rover driving around the surface of Mars making fascinating discoveries. It once again highlights the opportunities for space and non-space companies in this fast growing market. The global market is forecasted to double by 2030, and the UK space industry also plans to double its share of the world market from 5% – 10% over the same time.  In other words, there are some great opportunities for new entrants and existing suppliers in the sector and I was pleased that so many attendees showed interest.

‘Space – The New Frontier’ – our Qi3 Insights White Paper – discusses these opportunities in detail and the advantages of selling to the space sector. If you wish to discuss the findings of this report, please feel free to mail me.

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