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Make Business Your Business – Lord Young report

Here’s the Lord Young report that nobody could find yesterday 12-827-make-business-your-business-report-on-start-ups

Lord Young’s report, Make business your business, shows that if we had the same rates of entrepreneurship as the US the UK would have 900,000 more businesses.  He sets out the strength, diversity and growth of small businesses in recent years, a clear contrast to the Bolton Report of 1971 which predicted small businesses were in long-term decline.

Happy reading – let me know what you think.

Join the angels

If you’ve ever thought of becoming an angel investor, the new Be an Angel web site, launched today, is hosted by the British Business Angels Association, and has been designed to provide you with the information and resources you will need before making your first investment.

The launch of the Be  an Angel web-site coincides with the launch of Lord Young’s Enterprise report “Make Business Your Business” being launched today and a new £82m loan scheme for young people seeking to set up a new company.

It’s aimed at raising awareness  and encouraging individuals to become Business Angels,  giving detailed information and advice about the overall angel investing process and identifying the risks and rewards. The site also includes new downloadable fact sheets  on due diligence as well a  newly revised legal precedent documents and a new revised guidebook on technical and regulatory issues related to Angel investing. It also includes quotes from angels (including yours truly)  about why they became angel investors and encouraging others, as well as entrepreneurs that have received angel investment.

I’m welcoming of this online initiative, together with the enthusiasm that the government is showing for upping the rate of formation of new businesses.  In the end though, it’s up to us as individuals to decide whether we want to back these businesses with our hard-earned cash.

Bootcamp heats up debate on British manufacturing

The Qi3 Accelerator HVM Bootcamp is heating up.  Quite a few people are asking us what constitutes ‘manufacturing’ in our context.

I’m not going to give a pat definition here, but suffice it to say that we’re looking for companies outside of the ‘wet biotech’ and ‘pure internet’ spaces, where engineering disciplines bring together core physics, engineering, biology or chemistry into an engineered product based up0n electronics, software, sensing, instrumentation and services.  Pure software is fine if it relates to engineering.

And what’s the ‘High Value’ in High Value Manufacturing?  I see it as:

  • High value added, through a high knowledge content and the deployment of skilled labour
  • Broad in lifecycle, through the recognition that ‘cradle to cradle’ lifecycle creates opportunities in the value chain not just the manufacturing process
  • Comprehensive in scope; considering societal and environmental benefits, not just the tangible product

Try us – to get 3 days of intensive support for your business acceleration, apply by 30th May.

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