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Alma Mater Calls

I always enjoy my trips to Oxford.  Memories of student days and many happy years at Oxford Instruments are a great incentive to return.

But today, I arrived at the station and walked a hundred yards to the Said Business School to attend the Oxford Capital Partners Investment Conference.  It was an impressive convocation, with at least 200 attendees.  OCP seems to be the granddaddy of early stage fund managers, with a track record of investments in sustainability, healthcare and communications.  Investment opportunities are offered through discretionary investment management in the Oxford Gateway EIS portfolio.

Clubbing together

We tried an experiment today.  I brought together seven people from within Qi3 and our band of ‘mates’ to look at four potential investments in renewable energy.  We met in central London, with plenty of coffee, fruit and sandwiches to hand.  The team included people with expertise across the technology, IP, finance and market domains relevant to the propositions we were examining.

This was all done on a confidential, no commitment basis, whereby we could talk about the opportunities as a team and each of us could explore what we could offer to any of the companies if we move forward.  I was quite surprised that the experiment worked so well.  We finished the day with an armful of useful notes and a clear view on which way to go with each of the prospects.

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