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The market for air quality monitoring

I spent the day “somewhere in England” looking at opportunities in pollution monitoring.  It’s a topic close to my heart.  Technically, because of my instrumentation heritage, and practically living in the centre of London.  But trying to establish the real market demand for environmental monitoring instrumentation is tricky.  These markets are often driven by regulation and the customer base tends to be as much public as private sector.  And we all know the trajectory of public sector expenditure over the next few years…

Time for a Beer

Decision time.  I’ve invested in the Beer & Partners EIS Scheme.

For me it’s a way of gaining some immediate diversification and a chance to learn from an already successful fund manager who has made over 40 investments on his own account.  Moreover, Simon Hunt is personally a significant investor in the club.  About half of the investments they’ve made so far are in the security, sustainability and instrumentation domains which are the focus for Qi3 Accelerator.  The others are mainly in IT and medical devices.  I would be interested in medical stuff, but I’m far too squeamish.  We looked at 9 EIS funds before settling on Beers.

Time to Sweat

A significant part of the Qi3 Accelerator proposition is our willingness to invest in ‘sweat equity’.  This is the provision of commercial business development and technical project management support in return for a mixture of deferred income based on contracts sold and a small equity stake in the invested business.  I’m up in Edinburgh today, looking at two prospective investments in some detail.  More anon…

Capital Adventures

Time to hob-nob with the Clean Capital mob this evening.  The usual mix of networking and investment presentations in St James.  What I found quite strange was that most of the investors there were in development and late-stage finance and interested in multimillion pound deals, whereas both of the companies presenting were pre-revenue.  Nevertheless, an interesting and well-attended evening.

Accelerating to “Go”

After over a year’s planning, Qi3 Accelerator is officially live from today.  Robin Higgons is now MD of the ‘core’ Qi3 business and I’m (allegedly) free to spend 2 days a week on Qi3 client work and the remaining 4.5 days on Qi3 Accelerator.  One day, I’ll reclaim the weekends, and Qi3 will be a business in which I have a shareholding and draw a dividend.

Somehow, I imagine that day is a long way off…

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